February 28, 2014

Rare Disease Day

Share your rare, Share your care

2014 Day Programme

Programme of events on Rare Diseases, a forum 2/28/2014 Zayed Bin Mohammed family - Khawaneej in Dubai at 04:00 pm

  • Greeting the participants and the distribution of gifts and souvenirs to them
  • Let us introduce ourselves ... and to share our experiences. It is like a circle of the families of the patients sharing their experiences and discussing the various difficulties and solutions that are facing the sick children and their families in the fields of education, social and psychological therapy in the presence of doctors and specialists in the field of rare genetic diseases, as coordinated by the event organisers.
  • Educate the public about rare genetic diseases through the distribution of educational publications (via the organisers and volunteers).
  • Having educational competitions for adults and children in the field of genetic information (delivered by the organisers and volunteers).

Children's Programme:

Recreational activities for children by a team of volunteers including the following:

  • A free group visit to the zoo courtesy of Zayed Bin Mohammed family gathering (organized by Action Care Team)
  • A free introductory and educational visit to the museum courtesy of Zayed Bin Mohammed family gathering heritage to define teach the children the customs and traditions of society in the United Arab Emirates (by volunteers)
  • Take individual and group photographs with the participants in colored customized uniforms (by Action Care Team )
  • Instant photos bearing the logo of rare diseases (by volunteers)
  • Drawing an art piece on a board divided into 20 squares by the Public and participants. The drawings will be put together and a message revealed (by volunteers).
  • Face painting for children to highlight their smile, show optimism and joy on their faces (by Action Care Team).
  • Drawing on Ceramics (by volunteers).
  • Provide acrobatic games and distributing gifts (by Action Care Team).
  • Session of chanting choir.
  • Henna Corner (by volunteers).
  • Digital Photography with RDD logo(by volunteers).
  • Distribution of publications bearing the logo on Rare Diseases. Represented in the (T-shirts, balloons and posters
  • Honoring participants in the event (by the organizers)
  • Distribution of free meals for the participants.
  • Cutting the cake and the distribution of rare diseases’ Day Special