February 28, 2014

Rare Disease Day

Share your rare, Share your care

2012 Day Programme

Rare Disease Day 2012 success

  • Between 25.2-1.3, with MAF group in Emirates Mall and MCC in campaign to spread the awareness between the people in the shopping malls.
  • Schools and colleges and medical students were invited to visit the RDD stands and learn from the information which is given by the Physicians about the Genetic disorders and how to prevent these types of diseases.
  • Reach out to people and answer all their questions about the rare diseases.
  • Distribute giveaways among all stand visitors including the awareness booklets in Arabic and English languages.
  • Contribution of MAF group.
  • Cooperation with Dubai Municipality allocating kids’ activities by using the facilities of Children’s City in Creekside Park.
  • The speakers of 2012 were the parents who spoke about their babies and cases in detail and how they suffered with their kids and their problems in terms of the treatments, education, social difficulties and other issues.
  • Lots of fun activities for all kids (healthy and sick children)
  • A lot of volunteers from medical colleges and the public were working hard for this event.
  • Shaikha Maitha Al Maktoum centre for special needs contributed in the event with their student hand craft and other activities.
  • The event ended with a Motorcycle march which started by taking pictures with the patients and them they set off from the Greek park through the main roads in Dubai with the EDD logo to spread the awareness in an attractive way among the people.