February 28, 2014

Rare Disease Day

2018 School Competition

2018 School Competitionللتفاصيل باللغة العربية اضغط هنا

This competition is organized for public and private schools' students in order to shed light on the "Rare Diseases" and to encourage the students' involvement and understanding of the concept of Rare Diseases.

The objectives of the competition

  1. Raise the students' awareness and promote their positive attitudes towards the health challenges and particularly "Rare Diseases"
  2. Promote the principles of research and exploration.
  3. Develop the talents of students and encourage them to innovate and to participate in competitions

The Competition Categories
The participations must address the Rare Diseases in general or may reflect a special experience. The competition includes the following categories:

  1. Written Work Competition:
    1. Writing a fictional work: a story in the context of the day of rare diseases in general or on the suffering of the patients in particular
    2. Research / scientific paper on rare diseases
  2. Art Competition:
    Its content revolves around Rare Diseases: paintings, handcrafts and the like.
  3. Theatrical / Musical / Radio Works

Target group:
Public and private schools students
The eligible students are free to participate in one of the categories according to the following guidelines:

  • The written competition is limited to the secondary schools, grades 9-12
  • The art competition is limited to students of grades 6-12
  • Theatrical / Musical Competition will be open to all grades

Terms & conditions of participation:
All participation should be submitted by 07/02/2018 as follows:

  1. Participation must be the student's own work and not published before
  2. The art works must be original, unique and reflect the subject
  3. Every student has the right to contribute by one participation/ category.
  4. Each work should be labeled by the name of student, the student's grade, school, and the educational district.
  5. The written works: should be typed in standard Arabic, or in English for non-Arabic speaking students, in 3-5 pages using computer and sent by email to shereen@hmaward.org.ae and khaled@hmaward.org.ae
  6. The art works: posted on Instagram
  7. The Musical, theatrical or radio shows: Document the activity and send it on a CD to the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences office.

Arbitration and Results

  1. Arbitration is carried out by the Organizing Committee for the Rare Diseases day 2018 to select the winners for each category.
  2. There will be three winners for each category
  3. Results, prizes will be communicated later through the Rare Disease website http://rdduae.ae/
  4. Each winner will be asked to submit the original work