February 28, 2014

Rare Disease Day

Share your rare, Share your care

Rare Disease Day: The Aims

  • Creating an interactive environment between the public and affected children with rare diseases and integrate them in various activities
  • Raise awareness to the public by placing posters and T-shirts bearing the logo of the event.
  • Establishment and integration of sick children with healthy kids through competitions and activities.
  • Zayed Bin Mohammed family gathering is one of the best locations to set up this event as it includes many attractions and activities of interest to children and adults alike. One example is the Zoo, which raises the interest of children and their families in addition to the traditional Museum, which contains the heritage displays , and an open theatre for lectures and to set up activities, and entertainment in addition to the live or recorded interviews with doctors or patients and their families, also includes the traditional market (shops) offering local products as well as open spaces to set up games and different activities.
  • Open dialogue between patients with specialists in the field of Rare Diseases in a tent open for all, to get to know each other and exchange experiences and find solutions and ways relating to the area of psychological, educational and social status of the patients.
  • Encourage school and university students and the public to engage in volunteering.
  • Dissemination of health education in the field of rare genetic diseases through publications and methods of social networking.
  • workshops in preparing special dietary meals for patients under the supervision of an international expert chef.